205, 2016

Events Demo Reel 2016

Events Demo Reel

Each event is unique in its meaning and application; that’s why it’s especially important that video captures its depth. Whether it is for proof of previous success, the foundation for future endeavours, or for fond reminiscing, Sight Seven encapsulates the best moments of your event and makes sure that the video will be […]

2504, 2016

Testimonials Demo Reel 2016

Testimonials Demo Reel

The best approach is often the simplest. Nothing beats personal experience and customer loyalty goes beyond monetary value. Sight Seven’s testimonial videos make the customer the focus. We’ll take their stories, trust and belief in the brand; the elements you’ve worked so hard to earn and craft their experience so vividly that the viewer […]

1104, 2016

Nike Bring Your Game – Ekin University

Nike Bring Your Game – Ekin University

Our team recently had the opportunity to work with Nike to capture and produce a video for their Ekin University event. The Toronto event featured product testing and a history of Nike basketball.


504, 2016

Video Marketing Demo Reel 2016

Video Marketing Reel

You have a product or service that you believe can make a difference. It impacts lives, innovates, and changes the game. You trust in your business and so do we. Sight Seven works with companies to create vibrant, engaging commercial videos with a level of quality your company deserves. We take your concepts […]

2903, 2016

Million Dollar Smiles Promo Video

Million Dollar Smiles Video

Our team recently had the opportunity to work with Andy Wright Studios to produce a promotional piece for Million Dollar Smiles. Million Dollar Smiles is a non-profit organization that provides support for families with children facing adversity from life threatening illnesses. Through a wide range of fundraising campaigns, Million Dollar Smiles is able to fund gift-giving […]