2103, 2016

Distill Design Promo Video

Distill Design Promo Video

Distill Design is about purified graphic design and purified branding, with clear and simple results. Pure, clean, fresh, distilled. Nothing extra, nothing wasted, all to a purpose. ‘Pure Business. Clear Results.
Check out the promo video we Produced for them!


2003, 2016

New 2016 Sight Seven Productions Show Reel

Our New Sight Seven Productions 2016 Show Reel

We have recently updated our Sight Seven Productions Show Reel. It features up to date video work that we shot for clients over the last year as well as some of our favourite video content we’ve collected. Check it out!


608, 2014

Shoot with Dating Expert Carmelia Ray

We had a blast shooting videos for Carmelia Ray, Online Dating Expert Extraordinaire. […]

2807, 2014

Environmental Defence Blue Flag

We are very excited to be working with Environmental Defence over the next few months, shooting Blue Flag beaches across Canada.


907, 2014

Movi Sight Seven Studio Tour

The Sight Seven Productions studio is all set up now and what better way to show you all other than a Movi Studio Video Tour.